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Program Learning Outcomes


By the end of this program students will be able to: 1. Analyze a problem, and identify the computing requirements appropriate to its solution 2. Design, implement and evaluate computer-based systems, process, component, or program to meet desired needs 3. Function effectively in teams to accomplish a common goal 4. Identify professional, ethical, legal, security, social, and economic issues and responsibilities 5. Analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society 6. Use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice 7. Apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies of human-computer [...]

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Future Perspectives


Future Plans 1. Improvement and development of teaching quality by: Developing and updating the curriculum to meet the requirements and qualifications of European accreditation institutions and associations.  Having a team of qualified and diverse department members to enhance our global reputation for the generation of new ideas and transformative discoveries.  Strengthening links with international universities and encouraging students for exchange programs. 2. Student Experience Continue to develop summer training and internships in leading companies in the region.  Encouraging the students to join international competitions. Support our students by strategic efforts to build upon educational, extra- and curricular experiences. Long-term Plan [...]

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Cybersecurity in Market Place (National Workshop)


Click here for registration We are pleased to announce that on December 14th , 2022, Cybersecurity in Market Place Workshop will be held from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, containing five sessions: Introduction Speech by: Mr. Sherwan A. Mustafa (Consultant in Iraqi Private Bank League) Presenters are: Mr. Dana Wriya - Basic Concepts of Cyber Security in Practice Mr. Adil Abed Ali - Cyber Security, challenges and recent trends Mr. Ahmed Al-Hawwa - Setting up Cybersecurity System in Saudi Arabia (Recorded Presentation) Mr. Adil Abed Ali - Cyber Security and Banking Prof. Dr. Qayssar Mehdi - Cybersecurity in embedded systems   Click here [...]

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IT Education Towards Industry Workshop (ITETI)


We are pleased to announce that on December Tuesday 20th , 2022, an IT Education Towards Industry (ITETI) Workshop will be held from 10:00, AM to 12:00 PM, containing two sessions: Lessons from Working in Tech Data Collection and Visualization Demo The intended audience includes the IT and Computer Engineering staff and students who are interested in IT, Software Engineering and Data Analysis . The workshop will be conducted in the Tishk International University, Education building, Hall 302. The presenter will be an experienced software engineer from the industry: Roshna Omer Abdulrahman The aim of this workshop is to provide the [...]

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The Reality of Academic Disciplines In Information Technology According To The Development of Technology and The Need of The Market


    Click here for registration.   International Workshop on Reality of Academic Disciplines In Information Technology Information technology companies and research centres adopt emerging technologies to find solutions needed by modern technologies in industrial, medical, and service applications. Universities are responsible for providing graduates with the required skills and modern tools for the labour market, and they can deal with the requirements of modern technology. Hence, in this workshop, researchers with different information technology backgrounds will be invited to present recent technologies and applications of information technology in social, health care, psychological, and other fields. Workshop Objective: Applications [...]

The Reality of Academic Disciplines In Information Technology According To The Development of Technology and The Need of The Market2022-12-11T12:26:35+00:00

Emerging Trends in Information Technology


  Click here for registration.   International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Information Technology for the Labour Market Educational institutions must adapt to the rapid developments in the information technology sector by providing academic programs that are consistent with the requirements of the labour market. Workshop Objective: The workshop aims to discuss the enhancement of the academic program outcomes through obtaining international professional certificates for students for employment purposes. The workshop seeks to reach recommendations for decision-makers in universities regarding the development and modernization of academic programs in the field of information technology in accordance with international standards. [...]

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Job Vacancy


The Department of Information Technology at Tishk International University announces a job vacancy for a Research Assistant position for the 2021-22 Academic Year. Research Assistant Duties and Responsibilities shortlist: Assist the Dean of Students, Rectorate, and department lecturers with scientific and academic research. Facilitating departmental academic, administrative, research, and social activities. The requirement for the applicant: Bachelor's Degree in one of the following fields: Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science. Preferable options: Resident of Erbil, KRG. Male & Female. With a high-grade point average (GPA). For the application, submit your CV to the emails below [email protected] [email protected] [...]

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About COPIT Information Technology department held its first conference of projects on Information Technology (COPIT 2022). The conference aims to encourage students to present their final year projects in front of experts, professors, and colleagues to enhance their ability to discuss their ideas and learn how to enhance them. In the presence of the president of Tishk International University, Dr. Abdulsamad S. Ahmad, the keynote speaker of the conference, Dr. Dler Salih Hassan, the head of computer science and information technology department at Salaheddin University, and professors from different departments of Tishk University, the students presented the posters of their projects [...]


IT Department Organises Visit to Darin Group 


IT Department Organises Visit to Darin Group  Stage two students at the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Science at Tishk International University visited Darin Group under the supervision of Mr Wisam Abulazeez. The university field trip aimed to provide students with an opportunity to learn how the concepts taught in the academic program are applied in the real-world IT industry.  Mr Kosret Dlshad, Developers' Team Leader at Darin Group, presented a seminar on the commonly used tools in the international and local market. He also discussed the system requirements requested by local market customers in our region. The visit [...]

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Employing Derivatives for Creating Texture Masks for Digital Images


Employing Derivatives for Creating Texture Masks for Digital Images Synopsis (Abstract) about the seminar: Texture masking has been used as a significant factor in creating perceptual maps that simulate the human vision systems in observing noise in digital images. In this seminar, the relationship between derivatives and texture masking is presented and experimental results of the effect of applying first and second derivatives on digital images are explained. Presented by Dr Taha Basheer.        

Employing Derivatives for Creating Texture Masks for Digital Images2022-06-25T16:53:22+00:00
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