Future Plans

1. Improvement and development of teaching quality by:

  • Developing and updating the curriculum to meet the requirements and qualifications of European accreditation institutions and associations.
  •  Having a team of qualified and divers department members to enhance our global reputation for the generation of new ideas and transformative discoveries.
  •  Strengthening links with international universities and encouraging students for exchange programs.

2. Student Experience

  • Continue to develop summer training and internships in leading companies in the region.
  •  Encouraging the students to join international competitions .
  • Support our students by strategic efforts to build upon educational, extra- and curricular experiences.

Long-term Plan

  •  Encouraging alumni and volunteers to return and inspire prospective students.
  •  Measure our progress in achieving our mission and vision .
  • Increase staff retention and enhance succession planning within the Faculty .
  • Continues review and development of syllabus to meet the market needs