Tishk International University’s library is opened in the beginning of 2009-2010 educational year. Since then students increasingly take advantage of the library especially during midterm & final exam times for the purpose of studying individually or as a group. Other than exam periods, students usually come to the library to check out a book or for internet access.

What about the recent situation in the library?

Students who study in Language Prep School can borrow graded readers. Other than graded readers all other books are reference books and the students can access these references only in the library. However the limited access will show an improvement especially after receiving the books we ordered from a neighboring country during our visit last month. I expect that the amount of reference books we have will be tripled soon.

Mostly there are essential reference books that the students can benefit from writing their research papers and projects. These types of books usually exist in 3 copies for more access.

Every student can access the internet in office hours and additionally we provide students the service for them to make print-outs and photocopies. Most of the books that are not available to check out are provided as e-Books in electronic library section.

What does the library do to improve its facilities?

Tishk International library with modern view welcomes new students with new materials that are up-to-date.

Tishk International Library has decided to make a competition to collect reading materials for our university to meet studying needs, and to increase the capacity for hard copy materials to 70 000 books, serials collection to 1000 books, government publications to 150 books, and audio-visual materials to 5 000 DVD-CD drivers, as well as E-resources collection.

Materials can be obtained in English, Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish languages that will help our students find more and various sources for their studies. The library administration has been searching for global library organizations and tries to make a memberships with them to be able to bring more materials to our country and of course to Tishk International university.

Library also accepts gifts and donations. The persons willing to donate any material to the library submit it to the library manager. After checking the relevance of the donation, the manager puts it under the appropriate collection of the library.

What can students find additionally?

Currently there is a special room for 12 students so that they can study in groups. In this comfortable quite place students can find white board, and a computer with a projector system. Additionally by this month students from many departments can find audio-visual documents in this study room.

link for searching books from Digital Books webpage

Library Contact : 0751 171 30 90