The faculty of Science is a bearer of University education in the fields of
Medical Analysis and Information Technology.To produce the future generation armed with science and knowledge with a high mental attitude and instill confidence in them to find solutions to global challenges.


·  To create condition favoring the increase in the level of education and knowledge.

·  To train the students in an environment that nurtures growth and inspires solutions to societal and environmental challenges.

·  To be an academic community with an international character.

·   To acquire and maintain high quality infrastructure to support research, teaching, learning, and an active community of science.

·   To interact with health domain.

The faculty of science, Tishk International University is highly respected scientific, education and research institution, which aspires to have a leading role in basic and applied sciences for serving the community and to maintain and extend our excellence in teaching and research to be a center of preeminent, nationally and internationally.