IT Career Specification
Software developers Create and maintain computer programs, including applications and operating systems. After analyzing user needs, they design and test software programs and work closely with programmers to write code.
Network engineer Is one of the more technically demanding IT jobs. Generally, the role involves setting up, administering, maintaining, and upgrading communication systems, local area networks, and wide area networks for an organization. Network engineers are also responsible for security, data storage, and disaster recovery strategies.
Web designer Create the design and layout of a website or web pages, working with colleagues or clients to meet their requirements.
Project manager Organize people, time, and resources to make sure information technology projects meet stated requirements and are completed on time and on budget. They may manage a whole project from start to finish or manage part of a larger ‘programme’.
IT support analyst Provide technical set-up, support and advice to IT users via email, phone, social media, and in person. They either provide support within a particular organisation or to external businesses, customers of a particular product or on an ad hoc basis.