A Social Activity for the Medical Analysis Department

The Medical Analysis team set off on September 9th to explore the Barzan Region and get insights into the cultural and historical heritage of the Kurdish people, as well as their endeavours to attain their present state.

The purpose of the excursion was to enhance our team’s comprehension of the cultural and historical backdrop within which our work is conducted. Studying the difficulties encountered by the Kurdish community and their determination in the midst of hardship enables us to cultivate a deeper admiration for the tenacity of the human essence and a more steadfast dedication to our endeavours in the medical domain.

Throughout the journey, our team had the privilege of interacting with local communities and gaining insights into their distinct customs and traditions. In addition, we explored historical landmarks and institutions that are specifically dedicated to chronicling the history of the Kurdish people. This tour has enriched our team’s comprehension of the multifaceted cultural environment in which we function and has provided us with a heightened recognition of the significance of cultural sensitivity in the medical domain.