Dr. Tola FARAJ

Welcome to the Medical Analysis Department, Applied Science Faculty at Tishk International University. Medical Analysis is one of the main departments in the medical scope providing the nation with qualified laboratory specialists and future researchers. The department specializes in undergraduate study in the field of Medical Laboratory Sciences in various areas of General biology, Haematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and others.

The department believes that the medical field is our best hope for the present and future of serving humanity through developing our graduates’ skills in the laboratories and researching for further investigation in the clinical field. Because of our focus on the future, we will be better prepared to shape change, and our graduates will be ready for their future careers and be well-fitted for the market locally, regionally, and internationally.

Dr. FARAJ’s Biography_

Tola FARAJ has completed a Ph.D. degree at the Cardiovascular Sciences Department/Leicester University in the United Kingdom, a master’s degree in Medical Immunology (College of Medicine/HMU), and a bachelor’s degree in General Biology (Salahaddin University).

Dr. FARAJ’s current position is Head of the Medical Analysis Dep. at Tishk International University, besides managerial duties, he is working as a lecturer and researcher in the biomedical science field.

Dr. FARAJ has been awarded a Ph.D. grant from HCED and FVSP scholarship by the U.S. embassy. Tola has published articles in high-impact international journals. In the research field, he focuses on topics related to (Cardiometabolic syndrome, Immuno-inflammatory disorders, PAMPs, Nutrition, Atherosclerosis, and Phytochemicals).

We are shaping the Medical Laboratory leaders,