No Full Name Title Education Email Office No.
1 Dr. Tola A. Faraj Head of MA Dept. &ISO Coordinator PhD [email protected]
2 Soran Kayfi Coordinator M.Sc.   [email protected]
3 Dr. Ronak T. Ali Head of Exam Committee Asst. Prof. [email protected]
4 Dr. Jibril Habib Lecturer PhD [email protected]
5 Dr. Jafaruu Sani Lecturer &Head-Scientific committee Asst. Prof. [email protected]
6 Muzhda H. Saber Asst.Lec. &Web Editor M.Sc. [email protected]
8 Dr. Aryan Ganjo Lecturer Asst. Prof. [email protected]
10 Goran Noori Saleh Asst.Lec. M.Sc. [email protected]
12 Peshraw Salih Asst.Lec. M.Sc. [email protected]
13 Monika Miasko Asst.Lec. M.Sc. [email protected]
14 Dr. Salah Tofiq Balaky Lecturer Asst. Prof. [email protected]
15 Dr. Sangar Ahmed Lecturer Asst. Prof. [email protected]
16 Zheen Mardan Asst.Lec. M.Sc. [email protected]
17 Khidr Rasul Asst.Lec. M.Sc.
18 Dr. Payman Anwer Lecturer Asst. Prof. [email protected]
19 Dr. Mukhlis H. Aali Lecturer PhD [email protected]