Background: Cancer is recognized by uncontrolled cell proliferation and the
development of metastatic characteristics. Worldwide, prostate cancer is the most
commonly diagnosed male malignancy and the fourth leading cause of cancer death
in men. Fortunately, most prostate tumors develop slowly, are low-grade, and have
a low risk and aggressiveness.
Material and method: the study has ten control patients with eleven patients with
prostate cancer in Erbil , Kurdistan and using. The Statistical Analysis were done for
all the results and DATA for this study.
Result: the result shows that most of the cases who has prostate cancer The control
patients ranged in age from 42 to 82. Patients with prostate cancer had a range of 50
to 82 years old. The patients’ heights in both cases varied from 163 to 188 inches.
When it came to their weight, some of them were not overweight owing to a variety
of causes, such as the fact that they were undergoing therapy, which caused them to
lose weight, and so on.
Conclusion: Because prostate cancer is one of the most common and deadly
diseases, many biomedical researchers are working hard to develop effective
treatment and prevention techniques. In the treatment of prostate cancer, an
integrated therapeutic plan that includes local and systemic medicines can be useful.