The continuous occurrence of more resistant strains of K.pneumoniae has made it a global issue of interest for scientists to try and test new alternatives of antibiotics to treat these infections such as green nanoparticle. This study was conducted to test the effectivity of Green ZnO in synergy with antibiotic.
Double disc synergy test was carried out to detect ESBL producers among the isolates on Muller Hinton Agar; the same method was used to detect different effects between green ZnO nanoparticle and cefotaxime.
For this study 35 samples were collected and from 14 of them Klebsiella pneumoniae were isolated. (42.85%) of the results were ESBL producers which (7.14%) of them were pan drug resistant. (57.1%) of the isolates tested positive for Synergistic effect between green ZnO nanoparticles and cefotaxime. From this study we concluded that ZnO nanoparticles extracted from Epipremnum pinnatum has high synergistic effect with Cefotaxime