Aim: The prostate cancer is a common cancer among men and this study aimed to focus on the association of hoxb13 gene in prostate cancer and other factors among high PSA patient. Samples were collected for 11 patients with high PSA and 10 normal cases in the period October 2021 to May 2022. The parameters included in this study were (age group, blood group, height and weight). And the aim of this study was to detect the SNP (rs138213197), Prostate cancer cells have the ability to spread throughout the body and the most significant diagnostic for detecting and managing prostate cancer is prostate-specific antigen (PSA), and doing PCR for the samples and doing the visualization for the bands to detect the mutation that is present in the gene and most prostate cancers are first found as a result of screening that is good for finding the best treatment and the results will help a doctor determine the best treatment option for the patient. More positive cases can be taken for sequencing to confirm the ARMS test, and also the aim of this study to recommend to do more diagnosis with increasing age and doing pedigree to know the4 inhritance.