Donate Blood! Give Life!

As always, Tishk Internationally University strives to create the best learning environment for students.

Ms. Muzhda H. Saber and Mr. Goran N. Saleh, Lecturers at the Medical Analysis Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences organized a scientific trip to the Directorate of Blood Bank-Erbil for 3rd-graderd grade students on April 5th and 6th,2022. The trip is complementary to the department courses: Blood Transfusion and Blood Banking. The trip aimed to allow students to witness and live the blood donating experience.

A group of 120 students visited all 9 sections of the Blood Bank Directorate:

  1. The blood Donor criteria Section
  2. Blood Diagnosis Section
  3. Blood Transfusion section
  4. Blood Components Separating Section
  5. Blood Group Serology
  6. Blood Storage
  7. Apheresis Section
  8. Thalassemia Section

The goals of the scientific trip include:

1- Encourage students to learn, and experience blood donation and processing.

2- Strengthen the bond between students and lecturers.

2- Enable students to access new information and knowledge. Students can access tools and environments that are not available elsewhere.

3- Provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities and introduce them to their real future careers.

4- Improve critical thinking skills

5- Inform of the importance of giving blood and how it is a uniquely powerful act. Effective coordination can dramatically increase its life-saving impact.