Renowned Medical Professional Joins University


During the celebration ceremony of Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Alnakshabandi, Dr. Tola Faraj, Head of Medical Analysis, took the opportunity to congratulate and praise the distinguished accomplishments of Prof. Dr. Alnakshabandi throughout his career in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and the private sectors in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Dr. Tola warmly welcomed Prof. Dr. Alnakshabandi as a member of Tishk International University, where he will serve as an advisor for the Faculty of Pharmacy. He expressed excitement and gratitude for the extensive expertise that Prof. Dr. Alnakshabandi will bring to the university community. [...]

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Medical Analysis: Knowledge Olympiad


A Knowledge olympiad was recently held amongst students of all stages of the Medical Analysis department. The competition was comprised of five different rounds, with each round testing the students' general knowledge and skills in different fields. Throughout the competition, students were tested on a variety of topics. These topics ranged from basic concepts to more advanced theories, allowing students of all levels to put their knowledge to the test. After each round, the students with the highest scores were elected to move on to the next round, leading to an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. Despite the tough competition, [...]

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Empowering through Healthcare Awareness


Tishk International University team, consisting of dedicated professionals and compassionate individuals, is committed to making a lasting impact on the community. With the support of our partners, we strive to provide high-quality services and education to those in need. Through a seminar we showcased our plans about the Ramadan program, the seminar was presented by Dr. Aras and Dr. Tola Faraj the Head of Medical Analysis Department.  We aim to promote health and wellbeing during the holy month. Dr. Aras Community in Collaboration with Tishk International University students from Medical Analysis , Dentistry , Nursing, Pharmacy, and Biology departments aim to [...]

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Empowering Students, and Enhancing Schools


A food fundraising event will be held by Medical Analysis students in collaboration with DoS in front of Laboratory Building to raise money for the Community Project aimed at improving the learning environment at the nearby school. The cramped study spaces have made it difficult for students to focus, hindering their chance at a quality education. In collaboration with other organizations and individuals, the project aims to fix the school's infrastructure and promote long-lasting and sustainable effects, while also providing students with essential gifts like books, writing materials, and gadgets that enhance learning. The fundraiser event is a great opportunity for [...]

Empowering Students, and Enhancing Schools2024-02-13T16:04:53+02:00

A Memorable Welcome Lunch Event


In efforts to welcome the new semester, students from stage 1 prepared and enjoyed lunch with several distinguished guests including the Dean of Faculty of Applied Science, Dr. Faiq Hussain, Head of the Medical Analysis Department, Dr. Tola Faraj, and Dean of Students Representative, Dr. Kenan Kapukaya. The lunch took place in the music club room, where students prepared delicious food and engaged in conversations with the esteemed guests. During the lunch, the guests gave speeches welcoming the students to the department and wishing them success in their academic pursuits. The Head of the Medical Analysis Department, Dr. Tola Faraj, [...]

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Community Project at Nanakaly Hospital


The Medical Analysis Department at Tishk International University recently organised a heartwarming community project for children suffering from cancer. The department visit to the Nanakaly hospital was done to bring some cheer to the brave young children who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The team conducted a series of fun activities designed to put a smile on the faces of the young patients and help them forget their worries for a while. The event was attended by distinguished guests, including the President, Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, Prof. Faiq Hussain, Dr. Hardee J. Sabir, Director [...]

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Harmony in Healing National Workshop


                     A workshop titled "Healing in Harmony" was held by the Medical Analysis Department in collaboration  with Nanakaly Hospital for Hematology and Oncology, discussing the critical role of mental health in battling cancer. The workshop was attended by distinguished guests including Prof. Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, the Head of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi, the President, Assist. Prof. Dr. Nashwan Karkhi, the Vice Dean of the College of Medicine HMU, Dean of Faculty of Applied Science, Prof. Faiq Hussain.  The event provided a platform for survivors, experts, and patients to [...]

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Governmental School Visits


    On Thursday , February 1st, the Medical Analysis Department of Tishk International University (TIU) in collaboration with the Dean of Students visited two governmental schools ( Ankawah Boys School and Aury Siryani School ) in Erbil to provide informative sessions about university life and opportunities. The aim of the visit was to advise and encourage 12th-grade students to pursue higher education and introduce them to the various departments of TIU. The event was well-organized, with the team providing students with essential information about the Medical Analysis Department, including admission requirements, the curriculum, and programs available for successful applicants. The [...]

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University of Dundee and TIU Discuss Collaborative Opportunities


        Dr. Tola Faraj, representative of the Medical Analysis Department and a Ph.D. graduate from the United Kingdom, hosted an official delegation from the University of Dundee on 29th January 2024, at Tishk International University (TIU). The delegation from the University of Dundee was represented by Professor Iain Gillespie, the Principle and Vice Chancellor, and Mr. Jason Norris, the Director of Global Partnerships. From TIU, Prof. Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, the Head of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi, the President, Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Fatih Cura, Vice President for Administrative [...]

University of Dundee and TIU Discuss Collaborative Opportunities2024-02-02T13:11:12+02:00

National Workshop: Harmony in Healing


The Medical Analysis Department is pleased to announce a national workshop on integrative cancer care for survivors titled "Harmony In Healing: Integrating Complementary Cancer Care and Emotional Support for Survivors”. The event is scheduled to take place on February 4th, 2024 at the Medical Analysis Department in collaboration with Nanakaly Hospital for Hematology & Oncology . The workshop will address the need for a comprehensive approach to cancer care, encompassing both traditional and complementary therapies. Healthcare professionals will learn how to integrate complementary therapies such as meditation, yoga, and art therapy into traditional cancer treatments to manage the emotional and physical [...]

National Workshop: Harmony in Healing2024-02-02T12:53:14+02:00
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