Located in the Education and Pharmacy building, second floor, room office of Dr. Faiq Hussain (Dean of Applied Science).

  • Prof. Dr. Faiq H. Hussain  –Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science
  • Lavan A. Ali   –Assistant Administrator – Faculty of Applied Science
  • Asst. Prof.Dr. Surajo K. Sulaiman– Head of Physiotherapy Department
  • Asst. Prof.Dr. Surajo K. Sulaiman–Head of Exam Committee
  • Asst. Prof.Dr. Surajo K. Sulaiman – Head of Scientific Committee
  • PT. Snur Azeez & Ms.Dalya Abdulghafoor– ISO representative
  • PT. Snur Azeez  & Ms.Dalya Abdulghafoor – Web Editor