Dear Readers,

The Department of physiotherapy at Tishk International University is a wide ranged and comprehensive understanding toward graduating Physiotherapy that can provide excellent service to the community in regard to the proper diagnosis & Treatment and accurate conclusions of the Health problems.

The mission is to inbound and collect the science of specimen therapy with its diverse history from receiving, handling, therapy and diagnosis in all-inclusive courses that guarantees the graduation of a highly motivated well knowledge graduate. This is through a combination of usage of excellent available resources at the university in both theoretical and practical points of view. Tishk international University will assure the provision and support of this department through putting in service a high quality infrastructure of classroom and newly established laboratories with up-to-date instrumentation.

Nevertheless, our mission is to provide an educational environment through which students can plan, conduct and share results of their original research. We present Physiotherapy as an experimental and observational endeavor, along with the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills in both class room and laboratories.

The Department of physiotherapy offer maximum facilitation for students, ensure motivation, and arm them with considerable values and scientific background to pursue careers in many areas of the Health sciences including medical diagnosis , quality control assurances, health screening, as well as medical assistance and Physiotherapy techniques for better Treating.

With best regards,