Disable Children’s Smile (Community Project)

On the 7th of November 2023, second-grade students from the Physiotherapy Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Tishk International University (TIU), under the guidance of Ms. Snur, embarked on a community project at Helena Center. This initiative was focused on applying physiotherapy techniques to children with cerebral palsy, bringing joy through thoughtful gifts. 

The children’s delight was evident, creating a positive experience for our students. Beyond the emotional impact, the project served as a valuable learning opportunity. Our students gained practical insights into patient interaction and familiarized themselves with the hospital environment. This hands-on experience enriched their scientific knowledge and provided a unique perspective on their future profession. 

The reception from Helena Center was exceptional. The centre’s team, including managers, doctors, and physiotherapists, warmly welcomed our students. Their enthusiasm for our community project was great, and they expressed gratitude for the contributions made by our students. Further to this, they extended an invitation for future collaborations, hinting at additional activities where our involvement would be appreciated. 

Helena, the centre’s manager, commended the efforts of our students and expressed satisfaction with the positive impact of the community project. This acknowledgment not only validated our commitment to making a difference but also opened doors for potential future engagements. We look forward to more opportunities to contribute to Helena Center and other institutions, strengthening the bond between Tishk International University and the community we serve.