National Workshop on International Radiology Day

The Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Tishk International University (TIU) organized a National Workshop on International Radiology Day, held on November 22nd, 2022. This event marks the 1st workshop of the Physiotherapy Department, providing a platform for radiology professionals and practitioners to come together and exchange knowledge, insights, and advancements in the field of radiology. The workshop aimed to promote awareness about the importance of radiology in healthcare and highlight the contributions of radiologists in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.

The national workshop witnessed the active participation of over 80 participants from various esteemed departments, creating a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange. The workshop featured two distinguished presenters who shared their extensive expertise in the field. Dr. Idris Garges, from Hawler Medical University, delivered an insightful session on the pivotal role of MRI in assessing pubis symphysis injuries in athletes. In the subsequent session, Dr. Salah Mohammed provided an in-depth exploration of the applications of MRI and CT in the diagnosis and management of stroke patients. The presentations offered valuable insights into the use of advanced imaging techniques and their impact on medical diagnosis.

Workshop objectives:

  • Improve audience information about Physiotherapy
  • Introduced the relation between the Radiology and Physiotherapy
  • The role of radiology to diagnosis of situation and diseases
  • To participates audiences to discuss about it and ask the question for better understanding
  • Providing general information about Radiology and it effects to the daily life of people.
  • Improve the relation between the university with other universities

The department is planning to hold other national and international workshops so as to create collaboration with other academic universities, both public and private, where sharing different ideas and experiences results in better diagnosis for better health for people. Through interactive sessions, presentations, and discussions, the Department of Physiotherapy seeks to enhance the peoples’ understanding of emerging trends, techniques, and technologies in radiology, while fostering professional development and collaboration within the radiology community.