Scientific Trip to PT Unit /CMC Hospital

The Physiotherapy Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Tishk International University (TIU), organized a scientific trip to CMC Hospital’s Physiotherapy Unit for 1st grade students on April 13th, 2023. The trip, supervised by Ms. Paiwand Mamand, aimed to offer  students a comprehensive understanding of the clinical environment at the renowned CMC Hospital’s Physiotherapy Unit

The trip supervisors provided students with guides to support them during the trip. The physiotherapists from CMC Hospital hosted and guided the group of staff and students. They explained the process assessment and diagnosis, and treatment, based on the diagnosis the physicians require. The physiotherapists also explained the different techniques and machines in hall exercise. Our staff and students greatly benefited from the visit and appreciated the fruitful and detailed explanations provided by the clinic physiotherapists. Students had an opportunity to understand the procedures and treatments in the clinic and the importance of these therapy in various scientific fields for human health. On behalf of the Physiotherapy Department, a special thanks to Pts. Sarkawt and Pts. Yunus Akgul for their significant cooperation and the support they had towards the students.

This invaluable opportunity allowed the students to immerse themselves in the dynamic setting of the clinic, where they gained firsthand insights into the various devices and equipment utilized for distinct therapeutic purposes and tailored to the specific conditions of diverse patients. The visit served as a pivotal platform for students to enhance their knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of physiotherapy.