Social Trip to Shanidar Cave

In a memorable outing, on October 26th 2023, second-grade students at the Physiotherapy Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Tishk International University (TIU), joined by Dr. Surajo Sulaiman, a dedicated member of our department, went on a social trip to the charming locations of Barzan and Shanidar Cave.

Shanidar Cave, which is a famous archaeological site in the Zagros Mountains of Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Shanidar Cave is indeed significant for its role in documenting early human history and the use of medicinal plants. It is recognized as one of the earliest locations where traditional medicine took place since they found some pieces of remained flower constituents that have been used as treatment for some diseases. Barzan is also considered as a historical place, and as a turning point for starting the revolutions of Kurdistan against the invaders to liberate Kurdish land in the 20th century.