We strongly recommend the IT Department of TIU to all applicants, because:

  1. The information technology course is very practical orientated. You won’t just learn the theoretical part, but you will also get the chance to practice. You can change or adjust things, and implement what you have learned during class.
  2. You will have superior career opportunities with an IT background compared to other fields of studies. The jobs in this sector require skill, training, and a logical thinking process which you will gain while you study in our department. Our graduates have been always in demand that’s because as technology develops the need for information technology professionals is increasing.
  3. IT graduates have a flexible working style. You will have a chance to do your own jobs in the IT sector if you prefer working on your own. Also, many information technology professionals have full-time positions at well-known companies while also running their own business after hours. This is a great way to grow your skills faster by doing more than the usual amount of work