Shaping Hope in the Face of Brain Tumors Poster Exhibition

On October 31st, students from the Medical Analysis Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Tishk International University (TIU) held a poster exhibition to raise awareness on brain tumours among the public community. The event was attended by the President, Vice President, Dean of Students and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at TIU, amongst other important figures.

The exhibition centered its attention on the four stages of brain tumours, as well as the diverse techniques of diagnosis and treatment, encompassing surgery. Throughout the exhibition, the students delivered a range of posters that furnished comprehensive information regarding the distinct types of brain tumours, the symptoms linked to each stage, and the risk factors associated with the disease. They also deliberated the diverse means of diagnosis, encompassing CT scans and MRIs, and CBC, and explicated how physicians are capable of determining the precise location and size of the tumour. Besides the posters, the students also offered demonstrations of surgical procedures that are frequently employed to address brain tumours. They demonstrated how physicians employ specialized apparatus to extract tumours from the brain and elucidated the diverse approaches to post-operative care that patients may receive.

The exhibition was a demonstration of how the power of education in promoting awareness and understanding about medical conditions can benefit the community. Students were praised for their efforts and success in sharing knowledge about this important health issue.